On 3 November 2009 I asked the nominal author of the purported rebuttal of Jensen’s critique, Joyce Arthur, to comment on my claim that it was

almost certainly ghost-written by Crowe … Is this correct, Mrs Arthur?

(Crowe is well-known for substantially rewriting others’ work to promote his own agendas, while skulking behind their names – as Janine Roberts and Liam Scheff will confirm.)

Joyce Arthur replied on the same day:

Haha! No it's not. But maybe David Crowe and I were separated at birth or something ;-)

I shot back immediately:

He gave it a ‘light edit’, right?

And two hours later:

Would you be so kind, madam, as to favour me with your answer?

Joyce Arthur declined to respond.

In the premises:

(a) I accept Joyce Arthur’s prompt denial that Crowe ghost-wrote the piece;

(b) I infer from her disinclination to deny that Crowe worked the piece over that indeed he did, and I treat her studied silence as an implicit admission of this.

My claim that the purported rebuttal was ‘almost certainly ghost-written by Crowe’ is accordingly amended to ‘co-written by Crowe’.