Crowe plugs Duesberg on Facebook
On 6 August 2011 Crowe posted this plug at the RA Facebook page
David Crowe
‎#12 Join the facebook group, Peter Duesberg Supporters,

Peter Duesberg supporters
We all believe in true scientists. We all think Professor Duesberg is right. yury dalfiume (student)
Thursday at 5:00 am near Calgary, AB
Naturally Crowe had nothing to say about the Perth Group, also at Facebook: and
Perhaps because, as the student who started the 'Peter Duesberg supporters' page put it, 'We all think Professor Duesberg is right' and 'We all believe in true scientists'. As Crowe billed him in his post on 10 May 2011:
David Crowe
Episode 29: Dr. Peter Duesberg at How Positive Are You
David Crowe and Terry Michael interview Dr. Peter Duesberg who is probably the best known AIDS rethinker. Peter is a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley and a pioneer in retrovirus research. Prior to 1987 he was one of the best funded and most highly respected researchers within the virology establishment. Everything changed in 1987 when he published a major scientific paper in the journal “Cancer Research” detailing his theory that HIV couldn’t do anything, let alone cause AIDS.
After that publication he was unable to get government grants and publication became very difficult. This culminated with his recent paper, accepted in Medical Hypotheses, which caused an outcry by pharmaceutically funded dogmatists, the firing of the editor and the closure of the journal something that Peter describes as a “Nazi” move in this interview. Peter has been asked several times to recant his opposition to the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma but has steadfastly refused despite the devastating impact on his career and status within his university and the virology community.
Peter is a member of the board of Rethinking AIDS and maintains a website at