30 November 2009


Dear David Crowe

Not once since Anthony Brink has decided that I'm evil incarnate has he attempted to communicate with me one-on-one. Yet, that has not stopped him from writing lengthy tirades about my evil, innermost thoughts. How can he possibly know? Does he want to know? That would, after all, spoil his story that I represent perfect evil, just as HIV represents perfect evil for an establishment that no longer can believe in the devil.

Is it possible for Anthony Brink to admit that RA 2009, while not perfect, was the best thing that has happened to the dissident movement in a long time? No, I don't think it is. Because his whole world view is built around RA (particularly Crowe, Duesberg, Rasnick and de Harven) being stupid at some times, evil at others, and often both.

I have never considered you ‘evil incarnate’.

I find you much too weak an individual to be an ‘evil’ person.

For all the reasons amply documented at www.tig.org.za/RA.htm (and the site swells by the day), I have formed the considered opinion, aided by my long experience in observing and assessing witnesses in court, that you are a chronically dishonest and extremely stupid person. (Your other glaring personality failings that render you entirely unsuitable for any sort of leadership position I’ll enumerate upon request.)

I consequently consider you to be a massive liability to our movement.

These opinions are not only unanimously shared by the brightest and the best of the AIDS dissident activists currently engagé , but also by the leading scientists of the AIDS dissident movement, the Perth Group.

We all think you are utterly useless and a tremendously harmful element.

No, for the record, I don’t think the RA 2009 conference was the ‘best thing that has happened to the dissident movement in a long time’.

While the Perth Group crave the modest funding necessary to perform their decisive ‘HIV’ isolation experiment to show there is no virus, you go squandering a fortune of Bob Leppo’s money on a pointless Rotarian jamboree for your own sake, maybe to notch up on your CV.

The conference was a complete waste of time and money:

Scientifically and politically it achieved nothing – except to showcase what you know full-well was Peter’s discredited, disproved junk science about neutralized passenger viruses, and Etienne de Harven’s discredited, disproved, botched, garbled, plagiarized rendition of the Perth Group’s original missing virus science.

Since to you as a businessman science doesn’t matter.

Advancing science doesn’t matter.

Telling the truth doesn’t matter.

Grinning in front of an audience with a microphone in your hand and feeling important and pleased with yourself matters.

This is why you surround yourself with discredited scientists who persist with their serious fundamental errors even after they have been pointed out to them by the Perth Group, in a fashion that betrays either incredible stupidity or incredible dishonesty.

You sound upset.

You should take an aspirin and have a bubble bath.

 And then maybe call Rasnick and ask him:

Who told the blatant lie in claiming he invited Turner to address the conference after Papadopulos-Eleopulos declined to address it on the subject of ‘HIV tests’ that Rasnick had stipulated for her?

And who told the further blatant lie, compounding the first one, that Rasnick ‘was not hopeful that Val would accept’?

This is what Celia reported Rasnick telling her on the phone.

We’re all still waiting to hear who the liar of the piece is.

One would have imagined that as the President you might be concerned about this.





PLEASE stop paying attention to anything Brink says or does. His statements and actions are as worthy of attention as those of Kalichman or Snout. If anything from that direction really needs the attention of the president of RA, someone will be sure to let you know (not me, though, because I don't look at that stuff any more. I've learned from experience, and life's too short.).