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Subject:                          [hivaidsparadigm] Etienne's answer to the recent email from Anthony Brink.



Hi All! Some of you might be interested in some historical
clarifications I mailed last night to Anthony.
Best to all,

Hello Anthony!!

I wanted the Board to have an annual meeting that took place, in New
York, in June 2006. Among the questions debated during that meeting
was the question to find out whether RA should, or should not, get
involved in legal cases. Pushing in favor was one of our Board
members, namely David Crowe. (I was against it !). The vote, at the
New York meeting was NO: i.e. RA should not get involved in legal
cases! Still, in 2007, David Crowe got (laboriously !!!) involved in
the Parenzee case in Australia, although, as well as I can remember,
he was careful not to speak to the Australian court on behalf of RA .
Still, I was regarding Crowe's involvement in the Parenzee case as an
embarrassment, because he was a Board member, and the decision had
been voted in New York in 2006 for RA NOT to get involved....

Très amicalement,