Persisting with his ill-founded criticism of the Perth Group for having 'failed to ... promote' Djamel Tahi's video interview of Luc Montagnier in 1997, Crowe claimed on 15 January 2009:

Clearly the Perth Group has had years to promote the Tahi video and has failed to do so, along with the rest of us. To my knowledge only Torsten has posted the video.


I'd pointed out to several AIDS dissidents:

In 1996 Tahi released  a French documentary film, ‘SIDA: le doute’, that was dubbed into Spanish and German. Montagnier is interviewed in the documentary, but not on isolation.

In 1997 Tahi interviewed Montagnier at length. The film of the interview has never been released. Brent was going to buy some key bits of it, and discovered it was very expensive.

The PG at all times have referred to the text transcript of the interview.

Crowe berates the PG for not promoting the ‘video’ and not making it available for sale etc.

He means the film of the interview on video, but the video of the interview is still unreleased; it’s never been available to sell, promote etc.

Yet Crowe claims he helped Torsten get it online on his website.

The video on Torsten’s site is the documentary and not the interview.

Crowe is mixing up the documentary with the interview.

The basis of Crowe’s criticism of the PG is unsurprisingly a big fat factual blunder.


Claus Jensen conveyed this to Crowe.

No answer.

No apology to the Perth Group from the president of Rethinking AIDS for his unfounded aspersions and recriminations.