The president of RA replies, and the RA board all think he's tremendous how clever he is

18 December 2009

Dear Val;

I am responding to this email because it was cc'd to me and directly criticizes and insults me. I apologize to people who are tired of this bickering. I feel their pain ... sincerely.

I will therefore keep it short. Regarding the Djamel Tahi video:

Perhaps we should have promoted this a whole lot more. But in this case, "we" includes you. We are all at fault. Your implication is that it's just Celia, David Crowe and the other people you've put in the bad box. Why is none of your sarcasm directed at yourself and all of your other supporters who were alive in 1997 and who did nothing to promote this interview either.

As Celia has noted, you are now in the business of inventing quotes and distorting history.

Your sarcasm demeans you, I'm afraid, Val. You should try treating Celia, myself, and others you have attacked, as peers, with respect, listening to what they have to say. You might be very surprised at the results.

Finally, I have some questions about the Perth Group itself. You signed, "Eleni, Val and the PG". I assume you meant, "and the other members of the PG". Who are the members of the Perth Group? How does someone become a member? Who makes the membership admission decisions? Is there an executive or other decision making and organizing body? Does the PG make decisions democratically or by the fiat of its executive?


David Crowe