De Harven quits RA

28 November 2011

Dear David,

It is with deep regrets that I wish, hereby, to submit my RESIGNATION from the RA Board of Directors.

I have been following RA's positions with great attention over the past years, and I recognize that they are too far apart from my views on the fundamental issue of “HIV existence”. Currently, the dogma of HIV as a “harmless passenger” is, obviously, endorsed by the RA Board, in spite of the total lack of any scientific verification.

I am convinced that, if the  “existential” issue had been presented as a central part of the program of the Washington conference, a larger number of AIDS Rethinkers would have registered. In that case, this meeting would, perhaps, have been an important step towards the resolution of the AIDS debate. Instead, it appeared that rehashing of what has been endlessly repeated for the past 20 years, and an unacceptably dogmatic attitude in regard to the key “existential” issue, was apparently all what RA had to offer...

As you remember, during the years of my RA presidency, I did my utmost best to unify RA Rethinkers. Our fight is too difficult to support any division within our ranks. My paper published in the Jour. Am. Phys. & Surg. (fall 2010 issue) was essentially a novel effort to unify RA. Surprisingly, that paper has never been discussed nor quoted by any RA Board members, except by Gordon Stewart who considered it as a "Landmark".

I was hoping, David, that during your  presidency the unification of RA was going to be further pursued. Instead, I find RA as divided as ever!

I do not wish, any longer, to be part of an organization in which the divisive effects of personality conflicts largely predominate over scientific evidence.

I trust that this message shall be posted in

Best regards,

Etienne de Harven