The Perth Group set Andrew Maniotis straight on DNA recombination which he thinks is Christl Meyer's novel insight

From: Valendar Turner
Sent: 30 July 2012
To: Andy Maniotis


Back in 1988 the principle of DNA recombinations was postulated in a series of published papers and the importance of redox in the process theorised.


1.  E Papadopulos-Eleopulos.  Reappraisal of AIDS.  Is the oxidation induced by the risk factors the primary cause?  Med. Hypoth. 1988;25:151-162.

2.  E Papadopulos-Eleopulos, VF Turner, JM Papadimitriou, D Causer.  The isolation of HIV:  has it really been achieved?  The case against Continuum (Supplement).  1996;4:1-24.

Eleni, Val & John


On 10/07/2012, Andy Maniotis wrote:

Dear Emanuel, and Dr. Meyer,

I thank you kindly, Emanuel, and most respectfully, Dr. Meyer, for directing me to Dr. Meyer’s stunningly succinct and enlightening interview. I will be eagerly looking for your work, Christl, in which you identify those immune cell-combinatorial genes that account for “HIV-positive testing results. I had suspected years ago that such immune combinatorial genes might account for the stereotypic readings read by reference labs throughout the world on ELISAs, WB’s, and PCRs, and could account for the so-called “retroid” (HERV, ERV, “genetic fossil”) literature as well, but I only had surmise and no proof until learning of your claims you present in this brief interview:

Also Dr. Meyer, I am eager to look at your website ( and study it for the clues you have discovered regarding the identity and nature of these immune cell-generated recombinatorial genes and their products, if you have some information about these topics on your website?

In the past, we’ve only been able to speculate about these previously and tentatively named “retroids” as having their origin from immune cell recombinatorial gene cassettes, and therefore your finding is most welcome, timely, insightful, and powerful in this context. Although rational surmise alone should have made us “denialists” more vigilant to seek these endogenous sequences out in immune-specific gene databases as I surmise you have done already.  For example, the closest hypothesis to an immune cell origin of these sequences and their products was once articulated a few years ago as follows, so please correct and help us improve upon this specific line of reasoning and choice of words as you see fit (from an interview that can be found in its entirety here:

Here is the relevant section in this interview:

“Most importantly, the nature and plasticity of potentially stereotypic signals of especially the immune cell!s or cancer cell!s genomes under various stressful and even normal states are not yet known. Despite “AIDS establishment” claims (e.g. Robert Gallo) that, the whole Human genome has been sequenced and is known, and that “HIV’s” molecular signature isn’t found in the normal human genome, or in even in stadiums full of “HIV-negative” people, the nature of some immune cells is their unique ability to re-arrange their genomes to produce antibodies to new agents, and this mechanism is not understood.”

“Therefore, all possible or even stereotypic re-arrangements of the genomes of immune cells is not yet sequenced, because, these rearrangements have not yet occurred,  because the antigens that will evoke  them have not yet plagued Mankind yet, or, more likely, such novel sequences may only be assembled or evoked in immune cells when certain stresses are placed on the individual.”

“Presumably, the Human Genome project didn’t sequence these individual’s genomes, or indeed the Human genome that is in every subgroup of Human beings. Only “representative” genomes have been sequenced: not every individual’s who lives in the Human population. And we have no idea regarding what most of these so-called genes do, or how they function.”

Finally, I must congratulate you for emphasizing the so-called the continuing genocide of the “HIV” vaccine issues and the non-utility of this archery battalion of poisoned arrows as an ultimate proof of the non- existence of “HIV” , as I have tried to do on several occasions in the past. Much more about these fraudulent genocidal jab campaigns on my website is detailed in case you are interested in how Fauci lies by manipulating numbers to tout the efficacy of the recently “futile” and halted Military-Thailand Trial, the 100 failed and often abruptly halted “HIV” vaccine trials, and the 220 current duds that are now recruiting or just completed that are currently in that “HIV” vaccine “pipeline,” in order to justify his 500M/year budget specifically slated for the criminal vaccine makers.

Please see my website for more information specifically regarding these vaccines, and their significance regarding the non-existence of “HIV,” and again I thank you both Emanuel, and Dr. Meyer, for enlightening me as to this exciting new finding about the immune cell origin of the virus that never existed (and still doesn’t according to a new EM study we are about to publish).

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