The Perth Group to Tommy Morrison concerning the Maniotis petition, and an exchange following it

5 May 2011


Dear Tommy,

Your request to Gallo et al was: 

In your request seeking signatures for the Maniotis petition you changed to “I and doctors all over the world have searched for real photos of the “active deadly contagious virus” in the human blood stream-and no-one can find one single photo”.  And you ask for such evidence.

Firstly, you can be excused but the doctors must know that if a virus cannot be photographed in the blood stream it does not mean it is not present somewhere else in the body, or even in the blood, and it is not deadly.  Such advice can only come from someone who does not understand or appreciate certain facts.

Secondly, the “HIV” experts claim proof for the presence of “HIV” particles in the lymph nodes, where they are said to induce their main effect.

The Maniotis petition is based on:

(i)   “undocumented and unobtainable” tests;

(ii)   “Tommy has one or several of false-positive reasons for testing” positive;

(iii)   He is in good health.

 As far as we are concerned there are two possibilities:

(a)       Your antibody tests are negative or unobtainable. 

If this is the case you do not need any help from dissidents, a dissident lawyer or even a good lawyer.  Any lawyer can clear your name.  In fact, having dissidents helping you may do more harm than good.

 (b)      Your antibody tests are positive.

If this is the case, before we sign the petition, Maniotis and his advisors must tell us how they are going to discriminate between your false positive tests and true positives, that is, how are they going to prove your tests are false?  If they do not come up with a method then not only will the dissidents be of no help, they will harm both your case and the dissident movement.

Jason Erb, the RA’s PR man, advises everybody not to request a micrograph “because Gallo and Fauci will show their micrographs and the majority of the public will think that settles the matter”.  This means that, unlike all the other doctors and you, RA believes Gallo and Fauci have the micrographs that will satisfy your request.  In fact Mr Erb claims that no science should be used because “Affecting change through the scientific route has been an abysmal failure”, but he does not tell us what science has been used and how RA is going to help you, and the dissident movement, without science.

Tommy, from where we stand, Maniotis and Rethinking AIDS have managed to transform your case into another Andre Parenzee charade.  The consequences of this, for Andre Parenzee, the dissident movement and for us, are disastrous.  And they will be disastrous for you.

Since we do not wish to play any part in a repetition of Parenzee, including harming your case, regrettably we have no choice but to decline to sign the Maniotis petition.

Kind regards and the best of luck,

Eleni, Val and John



The following exchange took place the same day:

Tommy Morrison:

agreed. Please see attached.

[Amended petition attached:]


Tommy Morrison is one of America’s National emblems and heroes. He is a boxer who was on top of the world, and as a rising star boxer, Sylvester Stallone cast him as Tommy Gunn in his movie Rocky V. Because of undocumented and unobtainable “HIV” tests and due to vindictive rumors, before he was to fight Mike Tyson and others on a 3-fight contract arranged by Don King of Ali Fame, in 1996, he then suddenly became yet another victim of the medical, pharmaceutical, and government “HIV” agenda.  His career was ruined. In brief, while his boxing successes were legion, in 1996, Morrison’s life and career were deliberately destroyed by “HIV/AIDS” stigma, ignorance, and “the silent war” against human health, reason, and human rights-and by propaganda.

Not only has Tommy David Morrison not been able to obtain his test results during the past 15 years, he has had two “HIV-negative” sons, with two “HIV-negative” wives, he has led a very productive, healthy life and retains two heavy-weight champion of the world titles, that have recently been stolen from his possession for reasons that are of a mysterious nature. He had offered to donate these belts to any agency that could show him infective, pathogenic “HIV” viruses in his blood. His challenge has been met with silence, obfuscation, and continuing stonewalling by the AIDS establishment.

If you watch his You Tube-posted videos of interviews with Mr. Morrison, you would find one of the most charming, personable, humorous, soft-spoken, and healthy two-time heavyweight champions of the world you’ve ever met. His goal is to get back in the ring and fight and to continue to train young boxers who often are from disadvantaged backgrounds. What you are told, and have been led to believe about “HIV/AIDS,” or this two-time heavyweight world champion by mainstream media and the Federal Government-backed pharma-promoting AIDS promoters that direct the NIH, CDC, and other so-called Public Health Service institutions, as well as doctors and boxing officials who have violated HIPAA laws as well as the fiber of human decency, is a violation of Mr. Morrison’s human rights at best, and criminal. 

Finally, this PETITION is being provided to his fans and the world alike to document the atrocities committed against Mr. Morrison.

Tommy needs your help and support.

Please add your signature to his petition.


1) Tommy clearly has been an inconsistent “HIV” tester as indicated by his multiple inconsistent test results, none of which can be produced or located or validated as his own, and about which there appears to have been an ongoing obfuscation by regulatory authorities, testing labs, and among “the AIDS establishment.”

2) Tommy has one or several of false-positive reasons for testing “HIV” positive, that never have been differentially diagnosed or explored: nasal infections, fungal infections, “hepatitis C,” unknown effects of heavy steroid usage, but not the virus “HIV,” according to new science, new medical observations, and according to it’s Nobel-prize-awarded discoverer’s recent claims (Luc Montagnier) [1].

3) Due to the cross-reactivity of “HIV” with many other entities, factors, or medical conditions, especially chronic fungal infections, hepatitis C, respiratory infections, vaccines, and the unknown effects on the immune system of long-term anabolic steroid usage on the immune system’s normal functioning and antibody production, it should be demanded that Mr. Morrison (and other boxers) be left alone to pursue his career without the need of requiring him to take discredited “HIV” tests that detect molecules all known to generate positive “HIV” readings in a plethora of normal contexts, not only in man but in animals such as dogs.   

4) HIV does not cause AIDS. See this 2-hour documentary: “HIV/AIDS: Fact or Fraud?”

or (if google takes the video down):


Tommy Morrison’s repeated requests of over 100 days  to Robert Gallo et al for:

·    “Electron Micrographs from the 1.16 g/ml purified sucrose gradient – that have never been published in Science

·    “isolation” paper with proper controls AND a citation which has an EM of purified HIV particles which show all the morphological features attributed to HIV

·    A photo of the HIV VIRUS in the human body (not computer generated)

·    The Name/Manufacturer of the HIV VIRUS TEST detecting 100% the presence or absence of the active contagious HIV VIRUS in order to have that test done immediately to detect the presence or absence of this “active deadly contagious virus” in Tommy Morrison’s body


1. Short movie clip of Montagnier’s Interview in “House of Numbers:”,

Entire Documentary: “House of Numbers:”

2. Over 100 personal emails from Tommy Morrison to Robert Gallo  et al  (and every email received by Robert Gallo et al) requesting scientific proof  of the existence of a contagious active virus and the hiv virus test to detect the presence or absence of a contagious deadly virus in the human body.


Andrew Maniotis, PhD. Medical/Science Consultant;

Formerly, Research Associate Professor of Bioengineering;

Program Director of Tumor Mechanics and the Efficient Causes and Designs Consortium;

Director of TheCell and Developmental Biology of Cancer;

Department of Pathology;

University of Illinois, Chicago, Il. 60607

Secure Email:


Joan Shenton

Immunity Resource Foundation, 17 Ivy Lodge, 122 NottingHill Gate, London W11 3QS

tel: +44 (0)20 7727 6301  

mobile: +44 (0)7957 585515


Dr. Juliana Sacher, M.D.

AIDS and Cancer Specialist, and Author.

Director of The First German Federal AIDS Study,

Physician in Residence: The German drug rehabilitation clinics;  Frankfurt, Germany.                                                                                                          


Harvey Bialy, PhD,

UC Berkeley, 1970, Dept of Molecular Biology,

Recipient of a Damon Runyon Postdocturol Fellowship,

founding scientific editor of Nature Biotechnology,

Scholar in residence, Institute of Biotechnology, National University of Mexico,

founder of the Library of Biotechnology for the America’s,,

Member of Thabo Mbeki’s Presidential Panel on AIDS,

and author of “Oncogenes, Aneuploidy and AIDS: a Scientific Life & Times of Peter H. Duesberg.


Charles L. Geshekter, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of African History

California State University, Chico

Chico, California 95929



Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati

Ph.D., D.A.B.T., D.A.B.V.T.

Toxicologist and Pathologist

Toxi-Health International

150 Bloom Dr.

Dixon, CA 95620

Tel: (707) 678-4484

Fax: (707) 678-8505


Rev Dr Michael Ellner

President of HEAL-NYC

(the world’s oldest and largest all volunteer AIDS Information Network) -

New York, New York



Alan Reeves,




John Wantling

Member of HEAL London / Grass-Roots activist / Aids Dissident

Rochdale, Lancashire, UK


Tom Virgets PH.D.

Senior Associate Athletic Director

United States Naval Academy

Past President USA Boxing

I support Tommy Morrison’s return to the ring on the basis of the “American Disabilities Act”.  No evidence exists that HIV can be transmitted to another boxer during a bout even if both are bleeding.   Actually, the evidence is overwhelming that HIV will not be transmitted.  Not allowing Tommy to box is a violation of his “right to work” as stated in the American Disabilities Act.


Mateen R. Moore

Student- Raritan Valley Community College

Phone: (908) 420-4307


Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.

Homeopathic practitioner and nationally-syndicated health talk radio host –


Jonathan Hirschbein


1825 Tamarind, #14

Los Angeles, CA, 90028


Dr. Jonas Moses

PhD in Cell and Tissue Engineering

Senior Scientist, notopos Corporation

Biomedical Engineer and medical device innovator

Former cancer research scientist, University of Illinois School of Medicine, Chicago, IL

Former medical clinician (Ophthalmology), United States Army


Terry Michael

Executive Director

Washington Center for Politics & Journalism

and freelance investigative journalist

P.O. Box 15239

Washington, DC  20003



Nicole Zwiren

Documentary filmmaker

Los Angeles, CA USA


Daniele Mandrioli

MD, Post-Doc Researcher

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California, Berkeley



Darren Barcomb

Police Officer,

Boxing Writer

Plattsburgh, NY 12901


Robert O.Voy, M.D.

Family Practice and Sports Medicine

4510 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 3

Las Vegas, NV 89119



Claus Jensen:

Before anyone wonders, Tommy (or whoever deals with this for him) has not understood a word of what PG wrote to him. The "revision" consists in adding this part cited by PG more or less randomly, there are no other changes:

I shall resist the temptation to jump in, although a second reading really drives home how atrociously poorly written this petition is. Dr. M and RA have outdone themselves on this one. Man mai mi raksah, as they say here: "There is no cure (for their affliction)"

Tommy Morrison:

Explain youself. YOU come up with something then.

And again:

This is Trisha for the Duke. Are YOU LIVING PROOF of what Tommy and I are living DAILY with?
I am personally troubled that you give negative input. Give us POSITIVE input.
You all need to get on the same page. From the outside and from the INSIDE you all are NOT joined together. The inner battles between yourselves is disturbing.
Why don't you HELP. Its not about selling books and dvds. Its about scientific proof and restoring peoples lives.
Trisha for the Duke.

Michael Ellner:

Claus, et al,

I agree the revised petition can be improved and let me remind you that I was one of the first to champion and promote PG and I was one of the first to challenge and boycott RA. For the record, Tommy never claimed to be a scientist. I sent a note out months ago asking all of you to help draft Tommy's position and to my knowledge not one of you offered constructive advice. 

I still believe that we should be supporting the less than perfect petition as a way to get the conversation started.  Morrison is depending on the advice of perceived experts. It is up to us to change those perceptions and you and PG are welcome to jump in now and offer recommended changes, but do it quickly.  

Michael E.

Claus Jensen:

Hi Tommy, 

I am sorry, I must not be very email savvy because I thought that when I  deleted you from the recipient list you would not receive this. I apologize, since I don't think it is my place to interfere with you, Dr. Maniotis and the Perth Group at this point - as I stated in the mail. 

You must know by now that the Perth Group and RA are at odds on several essential issues. The disagreements are of such a nature that it is not possible for them/us (I am not part of the Perth Group of scientists, but of Anthony Brink's TIG)  to "come up with something" in collaboration with Rethinking AIDS. Otherwise I am sure they/we would be delighted to help out. 

Let me just explain quickly (because I am able to respond much more rapidly than the Perth Group, who are always busy and located in a different time zone): The Perth Group's main reason for not wanting to sign was that at this point - and taking the petition's word for it that your test results are "undocumented", "unobtainable" etc. - your conspicuous association with dissidents is likely to harm your cause. 

They also have several other issues with how the petition is worded, such as the use of the term "false-positive". Please read what they wrote to you about that one more time, because if you go down that road in a courtroom you are almost sure to get destroyed.      

The Perth Group's refusal to sign has to do with these issues, and very little to do with whether or not you include the Request to Gallo part. 

Best regards, 

Claus Jensen


Hi Trisha, 

Again, I apologize to you and everybody else (on the bcc list?). I didn't mean to give any kind of input or inserting myself into this in any way.

The inner battles are indeed disturbing for many reasons, but they are of such a nature that you must choose for yourselves, as you have obviously done, who to go with, the Perth Group on the science/Anthony Brink as legal expert, or Rethinking AIDS. 

The differences are irreconcilable.

Best regards,

Claus Jensen

Tommy Morrison:

In duke's words;
Get off the f*****g coach and get on board unitely.
Trisha here: its beyond pathetic. You ALL have an opportunity. Duke is not a scientist. He is a boxer. He is a fighter. Either send me your input in writing TODAY so the perfect petition can be drawn or don't bother wasting your time with us.
WE are not giving up or giving in to this BS.

Claus Jensen:

(Hoping Tommy is cut out now)

As far as Gene and myself goes, probably Anthony and PG as well, after Parenzee and the Letter to Science, we don't do any of this stuff unless there's an explicit guarantee that it's our show, no meddling by RA. Like it or not.

I don't know if Tommy went to PG, but it is pretty obvious from his/Trisha's mails to me that his camp doesn't like or understand the reason for those terms. 

So, they probably already have the petition that's perfect for them.