A Response to Critics

The Board of Directors of Rethinking AIDS reaffirms its complete confidence in our president David Crowe. Allegations and rumors to the contrary are groundless and completely false. The Board finds no fault with Mr. Crowe's handling of such issues as the 2008 letter to Science or providing assistance to the defense attorney in the 2006 Parenzee case. The recent baseless, ad hominem sniping on the Internet serves no constructive purpose other than to re-affirm the lack of intellectual rigor and equanimity of individual posters. Personal attacks detract from RA's efforts to undermine the toxic HIV/AIDS paradigm. The Board is always receptive to courteously framed suggestions and constructive scientific debate, but in future will ignore unbridled obscenity-laden untruths broadcast on the Internet.


1. No one has ever suggested that that the RA board doesn't have 'complete confidence in [its] president David Crowe', and no one ever made 'Allegations and rumors to the contrary'. RA's claim 'to the contrary' is consequently 'groundless and completely false'.

2. Crowe's fatal intervention in the Parenzee case and his attempt to hijack Janine Roberts's Science letter project were both in defiance of RA resolutions; but instead of taking disciplinary action, especially having regard to the catastrophic personal consequences of the former breach for Andre Parenzee and the injury suffered by the Perth Group to their professional reputation, the RA board closed ranks around him: 'The Board finds no fault with Mr. Crowe's handling of such issues'.

3. One 'untruth broadcast on the Internet' is conceded: the 'tokoloshe letter' contains an inadvertent error, in that at the stage he disrupted the Parenzee defence strategy, resulting in the loss of the case and the imprisonment of the accused, Crowe wasn't yet formal president of the RA board, only its founder and de facto managing director - credited by board member Henry Bauer for having 'resuscitated what was moribund, which is a tremendous service to all who question HIV/AIDS theory'.

Anyone spotting any other 'untruths broadcast on the Internet' in my 'unbridled' attack on the profound systemic rot in RA (trivialized by RA as 'baseless, ad hominem sniping' and mere 'personal attacks') is invited to point them out for due correction.

And if after reviewing his conduct in the Science letter project, anyone who can think of a stronger, more apt epithet for Crowe than 'a total sack of shit' is similarly requested to drop me a line via my website contact tab.

Anthony Brink