From: Val Turner

Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 8:46 PM

Subject: Semen and AIDS


Semen and AIDS

It appears that once again David Crowe misrepresents the views of the Perth Group.  We have been informed that for some unknown reason(s) he has been circulating the rumour that the Perth Group claims the only cause of AIDS is semen.  The facts are:

At the beginning of the AIDS era many researchers from many institutions considered several causes of AIDS in gay men, including drugs and semen.  After the discovery of "HIV" and its acceptance as the causative agent of AIDS, with few exceptions, these alternative views were ignored.

As far as we know John Lauritsen and Michael Callen were the first to strongly advocate, in the gay press, a role for drugs in AIDS.  In 1983/84 one of us (EPE) wrote a paper that postulated among other things a role for drugs, both recreational and prescription, and semen.  Just as this manuscript was about to be submitted for publication Gallo claimed to have proven "HIV" is the cause of AIDS.  The paper was revised and at the beginning of 1986 and then submitted to Nature under the title "Reappraisal of AIDS: Is the oxidation caused by the risk factors the primary cause?  Ultimately it was published in Medical Hypotheses 1988;25:151-162.  Anyone reading this paper will not have a problem noticing:

1. We were the first to put a non-infectious theory of AIDS which provided a common mechanism and accounted for AIDS in all the risk groups.  The non-infectious agents included drugs both recreational and prescription, as well as semen.

2.  The mechanism led to predictions of ways to prevent and treat AIDS.  Indeed, the 10th July 1986 letter of resubmission to Nature ended with the following:

"If my paper does nothing other than draw attention to the oxidative nature of the risk factors and its biological importance, then it offers what is so far the only hope of treatment which will arrest and reverse the otherwise invariable fatal course of the disease.  In my opinion this alone would more than justify its publication".

3.  The evidence presented in this paper shows neither Montagnier nor Gallo nor anyone else had published proof for the isolation/purification of a retrovirus.  That is, proof for the existence of "HIV".

Perhaps one day Crowe's motive for denigrating the Perth Group will become known.  At present it is obvious that by doing so he is harming the dissident movement in general and, more importantly, the efforts of all scientists attempting to understand the true nature of AIDS pathogenesis.