RA stalwart Terry Michael dissociates from RA and its Washington conference

September 12, 2011

RA Board and other rethinkers:

Due to an irreconcilable difference with the other two organizers of RA2011, I am withdrawing my participation in, and my support for RA2011.

David Crowe and Siggi Duesberg seem to think the conference should be another effort at rethinkers talking to each other.  From the beginning, I promoted the mission of this conference as an outreach to the victims of HIV=AIDS--gay men, Africans and African Americans--who are not even represented on the RA Board. I urged that it be held in the epicenter of the HIV=AIDS myth, Washington, DC, with our large number of gay men and African Americans, and in the city that will be the venue seven months later for the International AIDS Society 2012 AIDS-fest conference of 15,000-20,000 cult members in Washington, DC.  I urged that the conference begin on World AIDS Day as a way to facilitate some kind of media attention for our effort.

I have spent countless hours in planning for the conference, beginning with visits to a half-dozen possible hotels ten months ago, including the one we eventually contracted with.  Though I have no personal wealth, I committed to $2000 in donations to RA, $1,250 of which I have donated, including paying the $150 registration fee.

The only thing I asked was to be able to do a two-hour special seminar for local people. This was after David and Siggi refused to even consider allowing local people to observe the conference without paying the steep registration fee.  The local attendees would be gay men and African Americans who have never heard of opposition to HIV=AIDS; just people who I would persuade to open their minds to hearing us.

I also recently urged that a student, young adult or low income special registration fee be offered, but again, Mr. Crowe and Ms. Duesberg just dismissed the idea.

And now, I understand that David is trashing me as uncooperative, trivializing my efforts.  It is correct that I am insisting on starting my seminar no earlier than 3:30 pm on World AIDS Day. It is an absolute fabrication that I EVER agreed to starting at 1 p.m.  I told David and Siggi a long time ago that my best guess is that the AIDS Industry here will be doing another free AIDS Day luncheon for members of the local Industry, and I wanted my seminar at the end of the day. To begin at 1 pm or 2 pm would mean local people would have to take off their entire afternoons from work.  I reluctantly agreed to 3 p.m. as a start time, and then Siggi and David arbitrarily demanded that I start at 2 pm.  I suggested that the conference start at 6:30 pm instead of 6 pm so I could start later. All of that was rejected by them--reflecting their lack of commitment to making this conference an outreach to the community of victims of HIV=AIDS.  And, RA Board members will recall the doom-and-gloom report that Ms. Duesberg gave in the last RA Board conference call, with an incredibly negative attitude toward the success of the conference.

I will continue to research and write about the HIV=AIDS myth, but I will do that independently from Rethinking AIDS.

I thank you all for your efforts at ending the psychological terrorism and the drug poisoning of the HIV=AIDS myth.

--Terry Michael

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