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The discussion forum AIDSMYTHEXPOSED.COM has just been hijacked by partisans of David Crowe and his Rethinking AIDS group.

In the last weekend of January 2010, a conspiracy of Crowe supporters, Brian Carter, Jonathan Barnett and Tony Lance, acting with the complicity of Brian Coogan, who'd been entrusted by the forum's owner Rod Knoll to host it on his server, removed Knoll as an administrator and moderator and moved the AME forum to another site beyond his control.

Their intention is evidently to stifle uncompromising, bare-knuckled critical discussion of the immense 'harm that Crowe has done to the dissident movement', to quote the Perth Group, whom Crowe opposes on the pivotal issue of correct scientific strategy in impeaching the 'HIV' theory of AIDS.

To quote from the Perth Group's September 2009 statement dissociating from Crowe's Rethinking AIDS group:

The focus on AIDS is in South Africa and Anthony knows more about this and the drugs used there than anybody else. ['What stands out about Anthony is that although he is not a scientist he has extensive scientific knowledge.'] However, while all of us respect Peter, and rightly so, Rethinking AIDS does not take any notice of Anthony. As a result of his training, intellect, interest, hard work and burning desire to help his people Anthony was able, more than anybody else, to see the harm that Crowe has done to the dissident movement. Without any effort to find out the facts or even to read the summaries put in front of them in The Perth Group Response To David Crowe Re The Parenzee Hearing document, Celia and others, including the RA Board of Directors, expressed full support for Crowe’s interference in the Parenzee case.

The contrary view of the Crowe-supporting group who hijacked AME is captured in Coogan's email to Knoll in the weekend:

My reading of most of the stuff I’ve seen actually puts Crowe etc in a good light and makes Brink etc look like insane people raving about nothing.

(Instead of answering the specific criticisms leveled against him, Crowe employs similar defamatory language.)

Lance justified his theft of Knoll's forum in a mail to Claus Jensen on 1 February:

The recent squabbles between Brink and RA have really been discouraging to me and others like me who have more at stake in this than bragging rights about being correct or incorrect with regard to a particular theory. The politics, inflated egos, pettiness and infighting are just so goddamn tedious.

In the weekend he was stealing Knoll's forum, Carter wrote to me:

Parenzee doesn't matter, the verdict would have been the same. ...

And for all the other stuff, I'm sorry I just have to say my feeling is that it's old hat. ...

Nothing [‘is wrong with what I say, and for that matter with what the Perth Group say, in criticizing “the harm Crowe has done to the dissident movement”’] because it's information, but wrong in its delivery. My own interpretation and opinion is that some of your critiques, analysis and judgements (not all of it mind you) are based on perceived flaws and not actual flaws of David or of the supporters. ...

As for vigorous debate on misconduct? I don't see how, but I'm sure you and Rod can set something up on your own. I wouldn't necessarily limit if it comes up, but the new board isn't a dictatorship anymore. I (we) have to take into consideration if the contributing members want it or not, currently, I'd say not, but there are some that will follow your continuing work.

This is the quality of thinking of the lo-watt bandits who've stolen Knoll's forum.

Crowe was thrilled by the theft and the exclusion of further criticism of his persistent subversion and wrecking of the Perth Group's missing virus science and strategy. Having apparently read my correspondence with Carter (spot the clue in his repetition of my word 'vigorous') Crowe posted a happy 'Hi from David Crowe' on the hijacked forum:

I hope this forum will be a place for vigorous but respectful conversation, where all the aspects of the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma can be discussed, including strategies of various kinds, HIV tests, the existence of HIV, toxicity of AIDS drugs, sexual transmission (or not) and many other things.

Except that, until the theft of the forum by his allies, it always had been. Now, the new censorship board made plain, there wouldn't be any more 'vigorous debate on misconduct', said Carter; 'I'd say not'. Why, it's all so 'goddam tedious', in Lance's opinion. And it only made 'Brink etc look like insane people raving about nothing', thought Coogan.

The front page of Knoll's AME site had read:

 Since 2001 this site has provided an open forum for discussion of all aspects of so-called "HIV" and "AIDS".

Membership of AIDSMythExposed is free and you may participate anonymously if you prefer.

First-time visitors and others still new to the AIDS controversy will benefit from reading these eight frequently asked questions and answers provided by the Perth Group. There is also this summary of the Perth Group's arguments and this clarification of the Perth Group's contributions to the HIV/AIDS debate.

Important notice to forum members and visitors

On 18 September 2009 the Perth Group formally dissociated from the Rethinking AIDS organization.

The reasons for this historic division in the AIDS dissident movement are canvassed in documents compiled by the South African Treatment Information Group and posted on its RA page. The core problem is detailed in the TIG's Position Statement on "HIV" and expanded upon in the Perth Group's Commentary On "The AIDS Trap" Brochure.

The owner of AIDSMythExposed supports the Perth Group in all of their efforts and encourages critical discussion in this forum of the issues that have divided the AIDS dissident movement.

Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, French, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese translations of TIG, Perth Group, and other materials are posted here.

Several months after Knoll published this information on his AME front page, Crowe took exception to it. In a blustering demand sent Knoll in the weekend, dressed in ignorant faux legalese and emphasizing his many powerful US corporate connections, Crowe demanded that Knoll cease linking to and desist from expressing his 'support for information posted there' -- exposing and criticizing his misconduct as president of the US-registered Rethinking AIDS organization.

In the same weekend Crowe responded with insults to Knoll's post of a link to the TIG's RA page on FaceBook's 'House of Numbers' site:

Rod is an admirer of Anthony Brink who is well known for his vicious rhetoric and smear campaign against me and Rethinking AIDS. Anthony Brink is a bully and bullies need sidekicks (Rod Knoll and a couple of others in this case). Sidekicks can be recognized because they claim to be free thinkers but somehow always are in perfect alignment with their masters' thoughts.

Think of it like a pack of dogs. There is always the alpha male and the betas hang around submissively because a vicious dog will always bring in lots of red meat for the pack and they vicariously feel the power of the alpha. Humans don't have to behave like wolf packs, it is a very primitive form of society (although fascinating from a biological perspective). However, some people like it.

Knoll asked Crowe for particulars of what he considered objectionable, but got no reply. Instead Coogan removed him as AME administrator, stole the entire forum from him with all its discussion threads, and moved it to another site under his and his accomplices' control.

Crowe and Carter had pulled a similar move together last year to end criticism of Crowe at the HIVAIDSPARADIGM dissident discussion forum. Crowe threatened legal action over posts critical of him, intimidating the owner and moderator of the list to purge them from the forum's archive and then to surrender control of the forum to Carter; and the first thing Carter did was expel one of Crowe's sharpest detractors, Claus Jensen, for violently parodying Crowe's habitually dishonest political language.

As owner of the domain, Knoll has now redirected visitors and contributors to the former AME discussion forum to this site,, to ensure continued uncensored debate of what the Perth Group duly describe as the great 'harm that Crowe has done to the dissident movement'. A new discussion forum has been established for this purpose.



The thieves of the original AIDSMYTHEXPOSED forum with all its discussion threads and registered members have renamed their forum 'Questioning AIDS'. (This is because they certainly don't 'question "HIV"' --  'As AIDS dissidents, we assert that the scientific community has not yet proven the cause-effect relationship between "HIV" and "AIDS"'.)

AIDSMYTHEXPOSED has therefore resumed operating under its own name as a forum linked to the Treatment Information Group's RA project.

Visitors to are redirected to the AIDSMYTHEXPOSED forum now hosted by the TIG. As before, Rod Knoll is sole administrator and moderator.