A note from the Perth Group concerning the Zapata AZT wrongful death case

4 October2010

Recently we were contacted by Mr. David Steele a US attorney at law in regard to a court case he is prosecuting which involves a death attributed to HIV/AIDS.  He sent us some material related to the case, a number of questions he wished to discuss and requested we set aside an hour to talk to him. 

We studied the material and informed him that in our opinion his case was not strong.  However, we did suggest an alternative strategy which involved cross-examining the defendants’ expert witnesses on the origin of the antigens used in the “HIV” antibody tests.

Unfortunately at the time we agreed to talk to Mr. Steele we did not know he had already retained several expert witnesses.   We only became aware of this during our conversation when he gave us the name of three, Rodney Richard, Kary Mullis and another whom we did not know and cannot recall.  As we recall there were another five experts on his team.

Subsequently we have emailed Mr. Steele “I think you misunderstand us.  We never sought to be retained by you.  We studied the material you sent us and thought your arguments were weak and that is why we offered you a new strategy.  You are welcome to use this strategy but we do not intend to have any further involvement”.

We apologise to Rodney and Dr. Mullis and anyone else involved who receives this email for our inadvertent interference.

Kind regards,

Eleni, Val and the Perth Group.