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Title: Rethinking "Rethinking AIDS" (thread recaptured from the old forum)
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on February 21, 2010, 03:06:08 AM

I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the old "Rethinking 'Rethinking AIDS'" thread that was censored from the old forum is available once again online at the following link:

It is important to note that, after seeing this thread linked above, two of the members of the "governing committee" of the new, hijacked forum-Brian Carter (one of the two "briliant Brians" on the new forum) and Jonathan Barnett-behaved like blue-haired old church ladies, sitting in their pew, clutching their pearlstrings and huffing and puffing their disapproval.

UPDATE: BARNETT IS NOW TAKING THE "ANTI-HIV" MEDS and so is one of the other "poz" thieves of the old forum, Tony Lance! For more information, please see: (the article at this link is continuously updated; check it often)

This thread was deleted shortly after it appeared by the other "briliiant Brian", Brian "clueless" Coogan , our host of the old forum and chief hijacker of it. Looking at the inane text on the new forum, one can see that Coogan-who is also the chief architect of the new forum-has little knowledge of the issues surrounding so-called "HIV" and "AIDS".

However, last summer he revealed that he is hardly a legal scholar, either. David Crowe is President of the U.S.-based non-profit corporation called "Rethinking AIDS", and he has repeatedly engaged in public controversion himself. Despite these facts, clueless Coogan was afraid some of the posts in the "Rethinking 'Rethinking AIDS'" thread were too "libelous", so, in his infinite wisdom he felt it was necessary to censor the discussion and insisted upon deleting the entire thread, of course.

When we were first discussing the possibility of him hosting the forum (circa 2006), Coogan assured me that nothing the AIDS industry could threaten would get him to take down the site or thwart any of our efforts on the forum. "Screw them. They would complain to the host, and we're the host", he assured me. However, apparently for Coogan, the well-documented attacks against Crowe were far worse than anything the AIDS industry ITSELF could have threatened. What more likely happened is that Crowe probably got to Coogan and threatened legal action if Coogan did not delete the material critical of him. This is precisely what Crowe has done to me.

The "Rethinking 'Rethinking AIDS'" thread has been restored with all relevant posts at the link above. Thanks to Anthony Brink for storing it on his site (and for editing all the useless crap that was posted in the complete thread).



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