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Title: "Don't Worry; Be Happy"
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on February 28, 2010, 09:31:26 PM

There is a new and very comprehensive article from the Perth Group ( which ties together many issues, including an approach for treatment for those who register "positive" and those who've been diagnosed with so-called "AIDS". Sadly, in addition to being ignored by most orthodox "AIDS" researchers and clinicians, this approach also is being ignored by many leading dissidents who seem to espouse a "Don't Worry; Be Happy" approach to "positivity".

The article is a response by the Perth Group to this open letter ( sent to them by Italian clinician Dr. Fabio Franchi. It is at:

and it can also be downloaded from the original at:

It's interesting that the head of the Perth Group ( "has been officially instructed not to come into any contact with any AIDS patient, including any who may approach" them.

The following is from two Italian activists-one male and one female-who are aligned with the Perth Group:


A 29 year old Italian homosexual with a steady relationship with another homosexual who had been previously married and had never had any another homosexual relationship was diagnosed HIV positive. He and his mother, an obstetrician, read Heinrich Kremer's book, and even though he had been in hospital with PCP for some months, he refused to take either antiretrovirals or antibiotics.

His mother travelled to Florence to ask the two Italian activists for advice. The female activist sent the mother an email advising that her son should be treated for his PCP in an orthodox way.

The mother never told either activist that she and her son had seen Dr. Fabio Franchi.

After some months, she emailed the male activist telling him that her son had decided to take antiretrovirals and that he was fine and had put on 9 kilos. Some months later, she emailed the same activist again telling him that her son's partner had also been diagnosed HIV positive and that this also confirmed to her a virus had to be involved.

According to Fabio, this example shows very well what is going on: patients go where they believe they can have better results in terms of health outcomes, and they then compare their experiences with the rival theories, and they reach the same conclusions as the 29 year old homosexual and his mother.

Fabio says the mistake many dissidents make, especially the Duesbergians (but also Kremer and Stefan Lanka, etc) is that if it were up to them, those patients should be left to die untreated, and this has happened many times. Fabio thinks this is why the dissident movement hasn't been very successful.

Franchi says that the above case is a perfect example, and that he mentioned similar cases about twelve years ago to Duesberg, Kremer, Lanka, Joan Shenton, Hector Gildemeister and other people. But he was ignored or told they suspected he had been bought by a pharmaceutical company.


Keeping in mind the ideas discussed in the articles linked above, I feel compelled to repeat the warning that is on our home page and note that we do NOT endorse or advocate any "advice", information or content that is found on any other web sites or internet venues-including all other sites that are "dissident" in origin- that are not a part of the "" or "" domain names.

In addition, it is clear that, when left to their own devices, many dissidents are just not bright enough to grasp this information, much of which is very technical. Instead, confusion seems rampant among dissidents (see this message: for an example).

Lastly, those who feel that they possess a deeper than average interest in all of these differences among the various dissident scientists should also take the time to review THIS ARTICLE ( as well as all of the supporting documents that are linked in it.

For important companion pieces to this message, we recommend that you read this message ( and this message (



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