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Title: Duesberg & Bauer: hypocrisy, obfuscation, scientific theft and... oh yeah NESSIE
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on April 16, 2010, 02:48:24 AM
In what is now a familiar pattern with her, diehard Duesberg dittohead Celia Farber, writing on 14 April 2010 in yet another blog post which has since been deleted, attempted to gain sympathy for Peter Duesberg by revealing that, apparently since November of 2009, Duesberg has been "under investigation" by the University of California at Berkeley for alleged, potential "misconduct" surrounding a paper he and fellow "HIV is a passenger virus" theorists submitted to the Journal Medical Hypotheses. Duesberg et al.'s paper was subsequently withdrawn, ostensibly because “prominent AIDS researchers” had contacted the Journal's publisher Elsevier and demanded the paper’s withdrawal, purportedly under the pretext that the paper ‘could potentially be damaging to global public health.’

Trying to drum up support for himself, Duesberg wrote on a third-party blog on 12th April: "Yes, the allegations are that 'the ideas (expressed in the now withdrawn Medical Hypotheses paper) are false, … un-supported by evidence, and dangerous'" and then he belly-ached that he had "not received evidence from UCB or elsewhere to support these allegations." This is a blatant LIE. Duesberg had INDEED received evidence which supports the notion that his ideas expressed in his withdrawn Medical Hypotheses paper are "unsupported by evidence", but such evidence was presented to him BY A FELLOW DISSIDENT.

In this analysis (, which Duesberg ACKNOWLEDGED he's seen, a Perth Group supporter had pointed up the defects of Duesberg et al.'s criticism of the Chigwedere et al paper. Duesberg circulated this rebuttal ( nominally drawn by a third party. However, as Anthony Brink pointed out months ago,  this rebuttal seems clearly co-written ( by discredited Rethinking AIDS Grand poobah and eternal dipshit David Crowe: "it's marked all over with his characteristically vapid style of verbose argumentation, his favorite limp turns of phrase, his anodyne rhetorical tricks and generally his fingerprint stupidity and dishonesty". Jensen responded by asking Duesberg some questions ( which, as usual went unanswered. Duesberg, the eternal hypocrite and CHICKEN SHIT, seems to have a habit of developing hearing problems whenever asked hard questions. Instead of addressing the issues that Jensen raised, Duesberg challenged Jensen to write his own critique of the Chigwedere et al. paper, and Jensen obliged here (

Suffice it to say, Duesberg possesses a profound level of chutzpah. For years, he has hypocritically exhibited precisely the same behavior in his dealings with (or lack thereof) the Perth Group that he is constantly lamenting with respect to the AIDS industry's dealings (or lack thereof) with him. Last year, Duesberg's partisans in the Rethinking AIDS group, the two dipshit Davids- Dipshit David #1: RA Grand poobah David Crowe, and Dipshit David #2: Rasnick, one of Duesberg's co-authors of the withdrawn paper- both conspired ( to keep the issue of the lack of proof of "HIV" off the agenda for their "RA 2009" conference which proved to be a huge FLOP. Any literate, astute AIDS dissident with half a brain in his or her head knows that the lack of proof of purification of "HIV" is the central issue facing dissidents, and it's the Achilles heel of the AIDS industry.

It's high time that hypocrite and chicken shit Duesberg either "man-up", stop lying and ducking the issue of "HIV's" non-isolation, or retire from the dissident movement, his tail forever between his legs for repeatedly refusing to face facts about his stance on this crucial issue.

Farber and other diehard Duesberg cultists who are angry at the Perth Group for disassociating from the Rethinking AIDS group fail to realize that Duesberg has no one but himself to blame for this civil war that now exists between the two main factions of the AIDS dissident movement. The "virus challenge" originally issued by Continuum Magazine and the Perth Group in the mid 1990's was NEVER meant to be directed at Peter Duesberg. No one was forcing HIM to step forward and claim the reward for the missing virus. However, in an apparent and woefully inadequate effort to defend his life's work in the failed field of retrovirology, it was DUESBERG HIMSELF who purposefully CHOSE to submit a claim, thereby compelling the Perth Group to engage in a debate with HIM on the topic of the purported "isolation" of "HIV". However, obviously the true targets of the Continuum "virus challenge" campaign were orthodox "HIV" researchers like Gallo, Montagnier, Fauci, et al and NOT Duesberg. Only Duesberg knows his real motivations for trying to claim the "missing virus" reward. In doing so, Duesberg was either incredibly STUPID or he WANTED to divide the dissident movement.

If it was the latter, Duesberg certainly got his wish...

Continue to next message below for information on Duesberg's friend, conservative homophobe and Loch Ness Monster believer Henry Bauer (YAY! Just what the dissident movement needs- another conservative who hates homosexuals!):

Title: Re: *NEW!*Peter Duesberg: Hero or hypocrite? and "Nessie's" Henry: Bauer the bumbler
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on September 15, 2010, 06:50:40 AM
Conservative homophobe and Loch Ness monster believer Henry Bauer has acquired a habit of publishing papers in which he displays a complete disregard for science and ethics.

Go to:


A link to another article of interest can be found at THIS LINK (

Also, Bauer had really helped to promote the assertions made by Tony Lance, who became famous within the dissident movement (and infamous outside the movement) during his dissident "career" by proposing and promoting a theory about anal intercourse in which he provided a rather selective look at the data on this topic. However, Tony Lance began taking the "anti-HIV" drugs-apparently for the first time-several months ago after experiencing "more than a year of significant health challenges". I haven't been able to determine if Bauer still holds Lance and his ideas on anal sex in high esteem or not. For more information, see:

The content at that link is updated frequently, so feel free to check that link often.



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