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Title: *UPDATED for 2016* CLICK HERE if you are NEW to dissident perspectives on AIDS
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on April 06, 2011, 03:07:28 PM

This forum is NOT geared toward lay people. If you are a lay person-especially if you are a lay person who has been diagnosed "HIV positive", and you are still new to the AIDS dissident controversy in general,


There is NOTHING YOU CAN DO to change things on your own!!

And despite the claims of other AIDS dissidents and even other supporters of the Perth Group, we do NOT need additional lay people involved in this movement. Lay people have been the primary source of most of our setbacks and troubles in the dissident movement!

You may *ATTEMPT* to have your physician(s) read the material that is on the Perth Group's web site (, beginning with these eight frequently asked questions and answers ( It is important to note that, unlike other AIDS dissident venues, we do NOT advocate making ANY changes or deletions to any treatment regimen(s) that your doctor has prescribed without the constant input from, and consultation with, your attending physician(s)! We do NOT advocate taking alternative therapies in the absence of any input from a physician. If, though, your physician does not appear to be open to hearing alternative views of any kind on so-called "HIV/AIDS", there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO except try to find another physician. However, you may NEVER be able to find one who is willing and open to exploring alternative views of ANY kind, and you certainly will NOT find any who are following CORRECT protocols that have been suggested by or much less endorsed by, the Perth Group! Don't believe me?? Have a look at THIS MESSAGE ( for more information.

Otherwise, if you are a lay person-and actually whether you are new to the AIDS dissident perspective or you are someone who is more familiar with the dissident movement, basically what I am saying is that you need to


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