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Title: David Crowe's "Rethinkng AIDS" group becomes ORTHODOX?!
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on April 11, 2011, 12:36:27 PM
As the fifth anniversary of its resuscitation approaches, the "Rethinking AIDS" organization, led by its President and small time political leader David Crowe, appears to its position on the spectrum of AIDS discourse.

On 21 February, 2011, Rethinking AIDS President David Crowe sent the following e-mail to supporters and potential supporters as an appeal for, what else- MONEY:

"Dear Fellow AIDS Rethinkers:

With your help, a new phase of the struggle against the destructive
hypothesis that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS is about to begin" (emphasis added)

In December, 2010, RA also added a new member to their board of directors, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, whose most profound contribution to the fight against the HIV fraud is his assertion that "...definitive evidence has accumulated demonstrating that HIV cannot be considered the sole cause of AIDS..."(emphasis added)

WOW! THAT'S really SHATTERING! I'll bet the AIDS industry is quaking in their boots over THAT statement!

For more insights into Ruggiero and his questionable science and ethics, we suggest you read THIS ANALYSIS ( and THIS ANALYSIS ( from a former prospective colleague of Ruggiero's with whom Ruggiero abruptly and inexplicably cut ties.

The following is from a recent e-mail from the Perth Group to its supporters:

Sometime around the mid 1990s, someone, somehow, changed the name of The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis to Rethinking AIDS.  RA has been claiming Montagnier proved the existence of HIV, the virus is sexually transmitted, albeit not very efficiently, but is harmless. More recently 'the last two presidents' claimed they showed there is no evidence that proves the existence of HIV.  But they also claim Montagnier did prove the existence of a retrovirus, an endogenous retrovirus, although all retrovirologists agree there are no endogenous retroviruses.  Neither have they published such evidence.

Now, in its 'new phase' RA lets dissidents know that:

1.    Montagnier says 'HIV is NOT the cause of AIDS'.

2.    According to RA HIV is a cause of AIDS and 'Stopping drug use, providing nutritious food, are obvious solutions to obvious problems and a blood test is unlikely to help'.  (There is no HIV expert who will not agree that factors other than HIV may cause immune deficiency and AIDS indicator diseases;  that HIV needs co-factors, accepted by Gallo in 1986, and that all drugs, recreational, prescription and ART, are toxic).

In other words, in its 'new phase', RA has exchanged position with Montagnier in regard to AIDS pathogenesis.  It appears RA is more devoted to Montagnier’s virus than Montagnier is himself.

There are two main differences between the HIV experts and RA.

1.         The HIV experts advocate testing.  RA states the test for the very virus that is a cause of AIDS, “is unlikely to help”.  In fact, RA advises those at risk to boycott the tests.

2.         The HIV experts claim AIDS is sexually transmitted.  RA states AIDS 'it’s not sexually transmissible' and advise those at risk to ignore safe sex education.

Since RA accepts that HIV is sexually transmitted and is a cause of AIDS, and the scientific literature shows beyond reasonable doubt that sex plays a role in AIDS, RA's advice is not only illogical, it is also grossly negligent. No wonder RA President David Crowe now says 'there is no RA science' and the scope of RA is not to deconstruct the HIV theory of AIDS."

The above facts, coupled with the fact that several "positive" former dissident supporters of RA are NOW taking the "anti-HIV" drugs (see: for more on this), leads one to wonder:


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