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Title: Youtube documentary addresses "HIV's" lack of isolation
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on October 08, 2011, 10:05:59 AM
Frustratingly, to this day other dissidents-even prominent veteran dissidents-who remain aligned to Peter Duesberg and his theories continue to make more documentary films about Duesberg and his theories. These short-sighted dissidents who make these films seem blissfully unaware of the fact that not only are such films frivolous and trite but all such documentary films have resolutely FAILED to advance the dissident cause.  

However, fortunately, both the Perth Group and the issue of the missing "HIV" virus are now at long last prominently featured in a new full-length documentary all their own. The film is not only free of Duesberg and his theories, it is also freely available on youtube. It is called "The Emperors New Virus? - An Analysis of the Evidence for the Existence of HIV", and it is freely available at THIS LINK ( This documentary has been created from footage of another AIDS dissident documentary which was widely distributed but which was NOT freely available and which, more importantly, suffers from way too much commentary from Peter Duesberg and his various followers.

Despite the fact that this new documentary does NOT cover oxidation and its well-documented role in both so-called "AIDS" and "HIV-positivity", this film is still very technical. It is also best accompanied by an article that provides additional commentary from the Perth Group which is at THIS LINK ( (A Spanish language version of this commentary is at THIS LINK (

In addition to this new documentary, the Perth Group has had their own video on youtube which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE (

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