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Title: "Memo" from the AIDS Orthodoxy to AIDS Dissidents
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on August 11, 2012, 09:16:05 AM
From: The AIDS Orthodoxy
To: AIDS Dissidents
Date: 12th of NEVER

To our dear friends, the AIDS dissidents:

We realize that we have allowed ourselves and our affiliates to constantly err at will without any fallout whatsoever. We feel really guilty about allowing this to happen, and, as such, we have decided to extend the same courtesy to you, our esteemed friends, the AIDS dissidents. From now on, all of you AIDS dissidents should feel free to F*CK UP all you want, and we PROMISE you, we will let you get away with all of your mistakes, however egregious and numerous those mistakes may be.

We hope this makes your lives easier, because, deep down, we really do care about you and we want to do everything in our power to make your crucial, important efforts easier.

With every best wish for your continued success,

Your friends, The AIDS Orthodoxy

-Now, of course, this memo was NEVER sent to dissidents because, of course, it was NEVER written. However, that hasn't stopped many dissidents from continuing to F*CK UP royally and continuously as if the AIDS industry has given us dissidents carte blanche to be careless.

The Perth Group and many of us Perth Group supporters are constantly being criticized by AIDS dissidents from other factions for our always wanting to "be right". Unfortunately for them, being RIGHT is a BASIC fundamental element of our efforts. NOTHING gets accomplished if we are not always CORRECT!

As the Perth Group wrote in an e-mail to other dissidents:

"We have to fight science with science. And, unlike the opposition, we have to be 100% scientifically accurate with every single word we write if we want to be believed. Being right is only 3% of the answer and the remaining 97% is politics. But without the 3% the race doesn't start...."

(e-mail from the Perth Group to fellow dissidents, 3 December, 2008)

CLICK HERE ( for the latest document from the Perth Group.