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Title: *NEW*(17 May, 2016)"The stewardess is STILL flying the plane" --and CRASHING it!
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on August 13, 2012, 07:04:00 AM

In early December of 2015, the death of yet another in a long line of (quasi-) "high profile" and "seropositive" AIDS dissidents was announced. For some unknown reason, the ever insightful family of this deceased dissident (who died earlier last year) apparently thought that World AIDS Day would be a great day to announce the death of their dissident loved one! I never got around to composing my analysis of this latest case. In the meantime, I not only lost my motivation to share my thoughts about that case but I also have made a New Year's resolution to be VERY selective with these types of dissident cases I choose to analyze. Otherwise, in light of the fact that yet another year has passed and so many idiotic proverbial "stewardesses" of the dissident movement continue to fly their proverbial "planes" into the proverbial FREAKIN' GROUND!, I fear that I may be analyzing such cases until the second coming of Jesus FUCKING CHRIST!! The dissident loved ones who surround this latest case of a dissident who has died have been very public with their dissidence in the AIDS issue, specifically with their relentless, cult-like support of Peter Duesberg that is so fervent that it looks like idolatry. In addition, they've also been very public with their dim-witted bat shit crazy tea party politics such as posting many anti-Obama-themed posts on Facebook among which is the image of Obama-as-the-"Joker"-from-"Batman"!!


Just rest assured that none of these boneheads were or are now actually following any protocols that might be recommended by the Perth Group, and, as I have commented elsewhere on this blog, it is not only virtually impossible at the present time for anybody TO follow a protocol aligned with the Perth Group, but also, as a rule, the Perth Group do NOT even MAKE such recommendations publicly.

I should also emphasize (since I feel I do not emphasize this point nearly enough on the pages of this blog) that my feelings regarding incompetent proverbial "stewardesses" of the AIDS world flying proverbial "planes" extends to those in the MAINSTREAM faction who continue to do the damage THEY do. From my years and decades of experience in dealing with these orthodox AIDS industry corporate apologist assholes, I am painfully aware of the fact that it is going to be virtually impossible to get these people to STOP what THEY are doing, but hey, ...a guy can dream....(insert the "ant and the rubber tree plant" song here).... Feel free to continue reading below for older content I have written on these topics...

For a while now, I have been likening the problem of stupid lay activist AIDS dissidents giving out medical advice to the Hollywood analogy of "the stewardess is flying the plane". Of course that was just a movie. Nowadays, however, certainly the biggest and one of the most dim-witted dissident stewardesses of all-time is of course David Crowe, Grand Poobah of Rethinking AIDS. In addition, real-life medical advice is unfortunately also being disseminated by, among others, a hair stylist/DJ from Florida and-until very recently- an inbred seropositive former heroin user (by his OWN admission) and "chef/naturopath" who became a very vocal and...ahem..."eccentric" AIDS dissident sometime as recently as *2011*! (I have been DISASSOCIATED from the Rethinking AIDS contingent of dissidents longer than THAT!) This clown, whose mannerisms in his online video posts might make one wonder if he STILL might be abusing some substances, has a seropositive fiancee whose pregnancy and recurrent illnesses have caused ALL sorts of problems-not just for him, for her and their child- but also for this moron's idiotic FORMER supporters in RA.

However, it should be crystal clear to anyone with half a brain who took the time to review this crazy guy's voluminous internet posts and WACKY, embarrassing online videos that he made while he WAS espousing dissident ideas and BEFORE he changed his mind and became orthodox that the big question the dissidents should be asking is not "what happened to this guy to cause him to become mainstream in his approach?" The BIG question that all of the idiot dissidents who used to support this guy should be asking themselves is "Why the hell did we embrace this IDIOT with such enthusiasm and elevate him so quickly to such a status within the dissident movement IN THE FIRST FREAKIN' PLACE??!!"

This bonehead apparently thought it would be smart to contact me directly on Facebook and comment to me privately on my comments I make about him in this thread! In his typical brilliant, insightful style, he wrote to me: "I should of listened (sic) to my agent when he told me to not get involved with RA and if anything to watch from the sidelines and make my own choices but it all sounded too good at the time and I believed I was doing some good speaking about what they preach..." and "You raise some good points and some of them have to do why (sic) I no longer follow RA or any other dissident ideology. Let the scientists and politicians figure it out if there is a case for all of this and leave the people who are affected by HIV/AIDS alone."

I don't think I EVER refer to politicians ANYWHERE on this forum, certainly not as a possible ally for us. Please search this entire venue, and I think you'll agree. That's this bonehead's interpretation, and, like all his other interpretations, it's really FUCKED UP! Also, and more importantly:

WTF does this guy think he IS??!!

NO ONE was holding a gun to this idiot's head forcing him to...ahem..."speak about what they (RA) preach"! I purposefully do NOT mention him by name-UNLIKE many of the other dissidents I criticize-because he's not IMPORTANT enough to NAME, yet he feels the need to respond anyway? It should be obvious that my criticisms in this post are mostly centered around his choices he made *WHEN HE WAS A DISSIDENT* and the fools in RA who SUPPORTED this idiot when he was a DISSIDENT. Yet he NAMES me and posts links to this very post on his Facebook page! Maybe I should thank him for driving traffic here??!! With enemies like him, who needs friends! LOL...In addition, he has chosen to criticize my acting career (or lack thereof), as if my lack of success as an actor has anything whatsoever to do with the issues I am raising in this discussion! However, I CERTAINLY agree that my profession does NOT qualify me to dispense medical advice....

BUT HERE IS MY POINT: Too bad other dissidents aren't realizing that fact, or, like the inbred former heroin user and "chef/naturopath", some of them are realizing it only after YEARS of doing tremendous damage.

In case it needs repeating, my purpose with this forum is NOT to win people over or to convince anyone of my "beliefs", certainly NOT lay people. I want quite the opposite, in fact (see MY HOME PAGE ( Again,

I view these problems as the fault of *RA*

and those supporters of RA who made the stupid mistake of SUPPORTING these foolish dissident "stewardesses". I will take every opportunity as is my right under the first amendment to continue to point out ALL the mistakes that RA and its supporters made and continue to make...

This is HARDLY the first time a dissident has made a reversal or "flipped" like this, and, sadly, I don't think it will be the last. Former dissident "stewardesses" Jonathan Barnett and Tony Lance did so a few years ago. Lance crawled out of the dissident movement with his proverbial tail between his legs, but unfortunately, Barnett still dishes out advice online as if anything he ever said was ever important. (See THIS POST ( for more on Barnett and Lance.)

In addition, prior to the problems experienced by the former heroin user/chef/naturopath in 2014, there was another inbred, a bisexual "bandleader" and "philosophizer" from Texas, who had a supposedly measurable following among the dissident movement but who DIED in October, 2013! Suffice it to say, this idiot favored Peter Duesberg over the Perth Group's superior science....

This guys' autopsy report dutifully boasts an AIDS-defining illness as the cause of his death. Despite this fact, Barnett, who apparently was his closest dissident friend, felt it was wise to PUBLISH his friend's autopsy report for the whole world to see! A few years ago, the idiot who's now dead also foolishly goaded a microbiologist supporter of the AIDS industry into debating with him on a public web site. Then, when the scientist started discussing a technical issue which this Texan inbred dissident didn't understand, this inbred Texan publicly humiliated himself (and, by extension, the dissident movement at large) by having to bow out of discussing that particular issue with the scientist who was debating with him! THIS is the caliber of intellect and insight that gets elevated in the AIDS dissident movement of the 21st century!

This unbelievably ignorant and arrogant asshole always operated under the mistaken impression that his situation and health history are synonymous with-and could be extrapolated to-other unfortunate souls who have tested "positive", as did the aforementioned heterosexual former heroin user and "chef/naturopath" who worked really hard to fashion himself into a dissident youtube star. The ignorant, inbred Texan bandleader once had the gall to boast to me that, when he returned to the old forum I moderated (after he resigned in "protest" over what he alleged was my "reign of tyranny"), my "former subjects greeted (him) like a roomful of puppies whose master had been away too long." I don't think those "puppies" are quite so enthusiastic in their support of their now"master" anymore. In fact, the death of this dim-witted dissident "guru" has cast a very noticeable and significant chill on the postings to the forum that was stolen from me which he eventually co-moderated. This horribly confused, stubborn and now-deceased prick is someone who is yet another overwhelmingly tragic case where mother nature's efforts appear to be the only efforts that are proving successful in finally getting these dumb fucks to


Speaking of the RA contingent of dissidents: I am also aware that apparently, there may be readers of this blog who are also readers of the almost always entertaining albeit hardly ever scientifically accurate content found on another AIDS dissident venue where the lunacy continues unchecked, and that is the Facebook page of a certain worthless and corrupted AIDS dissident organization which is nothing but a ship of fools. I am not sure why these dissident dildos are bothering to read MY venue since they do not seem to be LISTENING to anything I write here?? Ummm...Ok...WHATEVER! However, you need to realize a couple things: First of all, my blog is primarily directed toward medical professionals and researchers who are outside the AIDS dissident movement more so than it is directed toward those who are still in it or toward lay people in general. This is just one crucial distinction about my blog that needs to be made.

Also, the fictional terror of a cheesy 1970's airline disaster movie PALES in comparison to the FIASCOES being created by the average 21st century AIDS dissident who is nowadays a CONSTANT reminder to the non-dissident world of the Dunning-Kruger effect, in other words, a proverbial "stewardess who's flying the plane". However, in a profound distinction between my Hollywood analogy and real-life AIDS dissidents, the stewardess character from the movie was actually quite hesitant and HUMBLE, whereas these AIDS dissident fools adamantly proclaim that, yes indeed, they ARE qualified to fly a proverbial 747, i.e., give out medical advice.

Also unlike Hollywood's version of the stewardess flying a plane, these real-life AIDS dissidents/"stewardesses" are being given BAD advice by their scientific superiors, the real-life counterparts to Charlton Heston and George Kennedy who give advice to the stewardess flying the plane in Hollywood's version. One would have to wonder that, if Peter Duesberg or any of his other scientist supporters in the dissident movement were ever to have to advise a stewardess flying a 747, they might give her advice that would crash the plane??!! For you see, operating on the information provided to them by Duesberg and other idiot dissident scientists, these dissident "stewardesses" often crash their proverbial 747s into mountains, unlike Hollywood's happy endings! Yet, these dissident "stewardesses" keep jumping behind the controls of new proverbial "airliners", boldly insisting all the while that, yes, they are still qualified to "fly", i.e., that they are still qualified to give out advice to "seropositive" people....

On most other venues, whether the viewpoint expressed is dissident or orthodox in nature, lay people such as journalists, "public relations" workers, "chefs/naturopaths", cosmetologists and-oh yes-wait for it...BAND LEADERS and MUSICIANS who have explored for ten minutes the complex scientific issues surrounding "HIV" and "AIDS" are allowed to routinely dispense medical opinions and advice like candy WHETHER OR NOT they have demonstrated an understanding of those aforementioned complex scientific issues.

Unless you are a *QUALIFIED* healthcare practitioner *WITH ACCESS* to a *QUALIFIED* laboratory that is capable of adequately assessing the cellular redox, you should do the entire AIDS dissident movement a HUGE FAVOR and just


And, IMHO, even if you ARE a *QUALIFIED* healthcare practitioner *WITH ACCESS* to a *QUALIFIED* laboratory, you should still STFU about any scientific or medical issues surrounding "AIDS"! ANY public discourse on "AIDS"-whether dissident OR orthodox-is entirely TOO ARBITRARY!

INDIVIDUAL attention must be paid to each INDIVIDUAL "positive" person and his or her cellular redox! And, for all the eternally confused boneheads who don't know "how one is supposed to measure oxidative stress" and yet continue to feel qualified to give medical advice to others: the laboratory methods that will most accurately measure cellular redox are not readily available in a commercial assay! (see: for more information.)

However, unfortunately, the equally clueless audience for AIDS dissidents is at least partly comprised of seropositive-diagnosed people who are ever so eager for "answers". I suppose I should be encouraged to learn that my venue is still being read by those whose actions and assertions I often find so loathsome and who are often the target of my criticisms here. I have a couple suggestions for those who did find their way here from that Facebook page: please pay attention, and, if you don't understand something in this thread or anywhere else on this blog, feel free to re-read it as often as necessary. (CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR HOME PAGE ( and CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR LIST OF TOPICS ( The devil, as they say, is in the details, and that expression was never more appropriate than it is with respect to "HIV" and "AIDS".

I always laugh when I hear dissidents making arguments about the definition(s) of "AIDS". It's as though some dissidents are still stuck in 1997! These idiots fail to realize that one is able to UTILIZE a term while still DISAGREEING with its definition! Besides, if we do not use the terms as officially defined, how the fuck is our audience going to know what we're talking about?? If you wish to call "AIDS" the "cheese danish syndrome", you are certainly entitled to do so. However, if you are not an OFFICIAL who is actually IN CHARGE of setting the definition of "AIDS", you will look rather foolish as the only person using "cheese danish syndrome" or whatever term you create!

Any idiot who denies that "(t)he clinical syndrome exists no matter what one calls it", as the Perth Group writes in THIS "short statement ( explaining (their) views", is a royal fucking EMBARRASSMENT to the "AIDS" dissident movement. With such profoundly stupid thinking on the part of AIDS dissidents, is it any wonder that the dissidents cannot get any respect??!! The Perth Group felt compelled to write that short statement ( only because of continuous CONFUSION of other factions of incredibly DENSE "AIDS" dissidents. The Perth Group are going by the DATA, as they always do on EVERY issue. The Perth Group are not "following the Orthodoxy" on this issue -or any OTHER issue, for that matter. Only morons would think that. The Perth Group are also not recanting any earlier views they have expressed. Only someone with reading comprehension difficulties would think that.

"AIDS", whether one puts quotation marks around it or not, is, as an official medical term, rather passe, anyway. Nowadays, it's all about so-called "HIV disease", and frankly, "HIV" is at least PRESUMED present in each and EVERY case of so-called "AIDS" that is diagnosed on the planet, regardless of whether immunological (CD4 levels) or ANY of the various clinical criteria are used in making the so-called "AIDS" diagnosis. This is true EVEN in those cases where no so-called "HIV" (antibody) testing has been done (as in Africa and the developing world, via the "Bangui" definition). Even in the cases of "AIDS" that are diagnosed under special circumstances in the U.S. where testing for "HIV" IS done and results are NEGATIVE, so-called "HIV" is still PRESUMED present. How do I know these things? I corresponded with the CDC and ASKED them these questions, and I did so YEARS before many of these dissident twits who still use the definitions of "AIDS" in their arguments ever even HEARD of ANY dissident arguments on "AIDS".

The point is, the best way to attack the definition of "AIDS"-if one feels a strong desire to do so- still is to follow the Perth Group's lead and attack the "HIV" component that is at least IMPLIED in EVERY single case of "AIDS" that gets diagnosed anywhere in the world.

Celia Farber ( is one of the most veteran AIDS dissidents who perhaps could be called one of the original proverbial "stewardesses". Farber has been rather vehemently critical of the Perth Group (see: ). In contradiction to all the data that have been published and despite the fact that we are well into the 21st century, Farber remains openly supportive of Peter Duesberg, despite her recent apparent endorsement of another non-Perth Group scientist (see again: ). Obviously, I continue to be vehemently critical of Farber, but she also unfortunately keeps choosing to remain one of the most active-and undeniably EMBARRASSING-dissidents. Farber, unfortunately, has most recently been dispensing advice herself to seropositive people on a public venue! (see again: )

Sadly, Farber is hardly the only such proverbial "stewardess" that has existed in the dissident community. As I said, she is just one of the original ones. There have been many others over the years. Before I became so openly critical of her, I had met and sometimes interacted with Farber-who is presumably seronegative-as well as many other such "stewardesses" over my almost 20 years as an AIDS dissident. I have, in fact, worked up close and personally with some of them, back when I was unfortunately very much a "stewardess" myself.

(continued below; scroll down for more)

Title: *UPDATED*(1 May, 2015)-The dissident "stewardesses" are STILL flying the plane!
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on January 03, 2015, 08:49:06 AM
(continued from above)

The truth is,


The most famous-or perhaps most INFAMOUS- of all of my former fellow "stewardesses" was Christine Maggiore. Unlike the aforementioned seronegative Farber, Maggiore and many of the other positive dissident proverbial "stewardesses" with whom I have "worked" in the dissident movement are now DECEASED. Many of these people also became my personal friends-as was certainly the case with Maggiore and me-through our "working" together on the AIDS dissident cause. (Maggiore and I used to refer to each other as the "Steve & Edie" of "HEAL Los Angeles"!)

I have no doubt that many of those who frequent that aforementioned Facebook page are stupid, self-centered, libertarian-leaning dissidents who think that, just because they've been diagnosed "poz" and THEY have survived this long (*SO FAR*), everybody else who's "positive" like them should experience the same results they have. Please examine THIS THREAD ( to see what happened to some other idiotic "poz" dissidents who used to think the same thing.

Plus, everybody needs to just...

1. STOP REFERRING TO the now infamous list of "factors that cause false-positive HIV test results"!!

...and that ESPECIALLY MEANS YOU, the "author" of that list!  When she originally published her "list", the author included cautions and questions in her commentary that accompanied the list. Now, everyone it seems, including she herself, has forgotten those warnings. The fact is, that "list" really is a NON-STARTER, and, despite all claims to the contrary that have been made, that list has NEVER been endorsed, sanctioned, cited or promoted in ANY way by ANY member of the Perth Group!

AND last but certainly not least, dissidents need to


This is yet another royally EMBARRASSING issue that many dissidents keep raising as if it is their only reason for being AIDS dissidents. See the message at THIS LINK (

Oh, and if you get the feeling that you may be the target of some of the criticisms I make in this thread and elsewhere on this blog....


Unfortunately, the "scientists" who are behind RA and its contingent of dissidents are just as woefully clueless as any untrained, helpless "stewardess". See for more examples of the brilliant "science" being practiced by those in the other contingents of AIDS dissidents not affiliated with The Perth Group.