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Title: O.M.S.J.: (O)h (M)y (S)weet (J)esus! Still more stupidity from RA and friends!
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on June 23, 2013, 07:54:12 AM
Lately, the boneheads in the Rethinking AIDS contingent have written a lot of palaver concerning electron microscopy. They've written about this subject, of course, as they do all issues surrounding "HIV" and "AIDS": as though they are experts on these highly technical issues with infallible public records.

The truth, as always, is a bitch, of course, and the truth is FAR from that. While several profoundly ignorant lay people who are stalwart supporters of RA have taken up the topic of EM, the most "respected" scientist in the RA contingent to do so is one Etienne De Harven (or "DUH! Harven", as my nickname for him implies).

It would be bad enough that De Harven is a scientific plagiarist who stole and BUNGLED the Perth Group's seminal work in which the Perth Group set about analyzing the claims of isolation of so-called "HIV" and have made the Copernican discovery that there is no proof "HIV" has been isolated. However, it is also true that unfortunately De Harven has demonstrated a profound and repeated ignorance of some rather simple terms, and this, despite any claims to the contrary by his supporters, has made De Harven-at least from the standpoint of anyone OUTSIDE of the dissident movement -undeniably the laughing stock of "dissident science" (a contradiction in terms if there ever was one!).

Despite the long-standing divorce between the Perth Group and the RA group, it is my understanding that the Perth Group has sent their thoughts (detailed  in this document: ) on these latest attempts by those in the RA contingent to invoke electron microscopy to the very devotees of RA who are continuing to promote De Harven and the other foolish claims that are being made about EM. Of course, the Perth Group's analyses are unfortunately always ultimately considered an anathema in the cult that is known as the Rethinking AIDS group. Thus, the Perth Group were roundly ignored, despite the fact that they have a REAL expert in electron microscopy on THEIR team. Any claims to the contrary by those in RA-i.e., that the Perth Group supposedly never responded or that Perth supposedly failed to supply their comments and evidence-are just LIES.

Here, again, is the Perth Group's new document discussing in detail EM:

In it, there is also the not so insignificant revelation that, apparently, the "debate" on the British Medical Journal web site was NOT removed at that site! It is still available at:

This was (happy) news to me!

Title: Re: NEW!- The Perth Group schools the idiots in RA who bungle electron microscopy
Post by: Rod Knoll, blogger on January 16, 2014, 12:36:08 PM
Prior to the advent of Electron Microscopy MANIA among the buffoons in the other contingents of AIDS dissidents, the Perth Group wrote another analysis of recent pet theories among the idiot contingents of the AIDS dissident movement. It's called "The HIV Puzzle" and it's available at: (clickable link)

A curious thing happened, though, when the Perth Group sent this document to several dozen prominent AIDS dissidents via e-mail prior to having the document posted on the TIG site.

The e-mail, which was sent by Perth Group member Dr. Val Turner, simply stated:

"Please see attached.


and the document was an attachment to the e-mail.

This three word e-mail and the document that was attached to it, generated HEATED replies from some dissidents, some of whom demanded to be removed IMMEDIATELY from the e-mail list. Some of these dissidents even exhibited intense hysterics while making their demands!

What was the apparent cause of much of the hysterics? The Perth Group's opening sentence of their document is as follows:

"We all agree there is a correlation between something measured in the blood and the probability a person has or will develop what presently are known as AIDS indicator diseases...."

It's even more curious that such a statement should still generate such a vehemently negative reaction in the AIDS dissident community in light of the fact that so many of our "positive" dissident comrades have died and continue to die or become ill. (See THIS THREAD ( for more on this problem.)

While in my opinion, the Perth Group does not owe ANY further explanation to ANY of these idiotic dissidents, the Perth Group themselves ultimately felt it was necessary to reply to these short-sighted responses to their "HIV Puzzle" document. After almost 3 months of no public response, the Perth Group released the following document: (clickable link)

It's becoming clear that the overgrown peanut gallery/nursery school that has become known as the AIDS dissident movement at large is really a CULT, thereby fulfilling a long-standing criticism often levied against the dissidents by the AIDS industry. Although it certainly is true that the AIDS industry is the biggest "AIDS" cult of ALL, the faction of AIDS dissidents which has supported Peter Duesberg, that is, the main faction of dissidents which opposes the Perth Group and their academically and scientifically oriented supporters, has ITSELF been a cult for quite some time.

For more on the above correlation asserted by the Perth Group "between something measured in the blood and the probability a person has or will develop what presently are known as AIDS indicator diseases", please see THIS TOPIC ( and THIS TOPIC (

For more information on David Crowe's fatal interference in and bungling of the Parenzee case, please see THIS TOPIC (