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February 25, 2017, 04:32:15 AM *
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This board is in Maintenance Mode. The AIDS Dissidents Exposed Blog is no longer viewable to the public. Readers are urged to STOP giving advice to others on the issues surrounding "HIV/AIDS". EVERYONE is urged to STOP FOLLOWING any advice given by anyone on the internet, whether such advice comes from a dissident OR a supporter of the AIDS orthodoxy and even whether the advice is being given by a lay person or by a doctor/researcher. In the best of circumstances, any approach to health ideally should be undertaken in PRIVATE consultation with a qualified healthcare practitioner. Unfortunately at this time-- at least with respect to "HIV/AIDS"-- there appear to be no such qualified practitioners anywhere on the planet who are accepting patients. There are no other recommendations to offer at this time other than once again to urge everyone to stop discussing these issues in venues that are accessible to the general public.
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