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Author Topic: Discussion with a doctor who treats "HIV-positive" patients  (Read 6877 times)
Rod Knoll, blogger
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« on: April 06, 2011, 06:56:15 AM »

Contrary to assertions constantly being made by some in the RA/Duesberg faction, the Perth Group is NOT "doing nothing". They are actually working VERY hard to advance the much needed re-examination of so-called "HIV" but, unfortunately, many of their efforts are being stymied by Rethinking AIDS which is essentially a political organization bent on promoting Duesberg at the expense of science.

There are two articles which I've actually already cited on this forum but which I feel have not gotten the crucial attention they warrant. These articles present a clear focus and a promising plan of attack for dissidents.

The article at THIS LINK is a very shrewd analysis by the Perth Group of many of the problems the dissident movement faces. This article the Perth Group wrote is addressed to a clinician, and, while hopefully, patients can learn a lot from it, too, it is actually physicians who hold the key to making progress for the AIDS dissident cause. Dissidents can-quite justifiably-complain all they want about the corruption in the medical system. However, the fact is we aren't going to get anywhere without earning the support of clinicians, and we aren't going to earn that much needed support with the current platform of ideas which are unsupported by the scientific data and which are being spouted by the RA/Duesberg faction of dissidents.

The Perth Group have just addressed these issues again in a response to Duesberg-aligned dissidents who made criticisms of the Perth Group's latest document. See THIS MESSAGE for more details.

Another article with an exquisitely nuanced and detailed discussion of many of these problems is THIS ONE. It contains many assertions that stand in stark contradiction to Duesberg/RA's ideology. And for the latest review and clarification of the Perth Group's views on "HIV/AIDS", please read THIS LINK.

Keeping in mind the ideas discussed in the articles linked above, I feel compelled to repeat the warning that is on our home page and note that we do NOT endorse or advocate any "advice", information or content that is found on any other web sites or internet venues-including all other sites that are "dissident" in origin- that are not a part of the "" or "" domain names.

I would just add that it is my impression that there have been many dissidents, including many "famous" dissidents who have had an understanding of the Perth Group's hypothesis that might most accurately be described as "schizophrenic". Many in the "RA" group, including some ardent supporters of Duesberg, have repeatedly cited and referred to the Perth Group's work but ONLY with respect to the "HIV tests". Some have even mentioned the problems surrounding "HIV's" so-called "isolation" or lack of a gold standard for the tests. However, it's as if these dissidents have felt that the profound issues surrounding the missing virus and lack of proof for the isolation of "HIV" should remain, well...ISOLATED as an autonomous issue that is relevant only to the discussion of what's wrong with the so-called "HIV tests". The "problems" with the tests are SUCH a NON-STARTER, the AIDS orthodoxy remains completely unfazed by the decades long ranting about these problems by stupid dissidents.

Unfortunately, the missing virus has many far-reaching tentacles, and, as such, it carries a profound impact on MANY issues in so-called "HIV/AIDS" in addition to the flaws in the tests. These would include very crucial issues like prognosis for those who have tested "positive" on so-called "HIV tests", determining what IS causing a person's "positive" reaction (since there's no proof that so-called "HIV" is causing the positive reaction) and, of course, the type and duration of treatment, if any, that should be given to such patients. Also, if the cellular redox plays a role in any of these issues as the data seem to indicate it might, then the redox state needs to be monitored for any alterations, and if such alterations do occur, they need to be addressed with appropriate changes in treatment.

In addition, it is clear that, when left to their own devices, many dissidents are just not bright enough to grasp this information, much of which is very technical. Instead, confusion seems rampant among dissidents (see this message: for an example).

Lastly, those who feel that they possess a deeper than average interest in all of these differences among the various dissident scientists should also take the time to review THIS ARTICLE as well as all of the supporting documents that are linked in it.



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Rod Knoll has been an AIDS dissident since 1995 and a long-time supporter of the Perth Group ( Rod is now exclusively focusing on exposing the damage done by other groups of AIDS dissidents. Rod's history as a dissident is at: (click link)
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